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Laura Noodapera

Laura Noodapera

Laura Noodapera is the user onboarding manager at Teamweek, where she helps teams get organized and manage their projects more effectively with the power of the Teamweek software.

Introducing Timeline Redesign

At Teamweek, we work hard every day to improve the quality of the product. It’s not very often,…

Meet Serge Herkül, Our New CEO

This week marks a new chapter for Teamweek, as Annika, who’s been working in Teamweek and Toggl for…

The Office of the Future: the Enabling Safe Space

When talking about the office of the future, people mostly focus on the architecture. Although it’s evident that…

How Does Remote Work Work?

“It shouldn’t work. But it does.” This is what a friend of mine always says about Teamweek and…

New Android App!

Get it now from Google Play! We’ve really thought about how people use their phones and made a…

Subscribe to Annual Pricing Now and Save 20%

We have great news! Upon popular demand, today we can finally roll out the possibility of annual subscription….

Possible Downtime: August 12th–13th

Our developers are working hard on making Teamweek better. Due to our migration to a new billing system,…

time estimation

Time Estimation Hacks – 4 Things You Wish You’d Known Before

Working in a cross-functional team, time estimation is a thing almost everyone struggles with. How are you supposed…

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It’s so much easier to plan & estimate with a small team when I can see everyone & all projects at once.

–– Darren | We Three

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