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Time Estimation Hacks – 4 Things You Wish You’d Known Before

Working in a cross-functional team, time estimation is a thing almost everyone struggles with. How are you supposed to know […]

New Feature: Weekly Digest

We understood a while ago that offering you an excellent tool to plan on isn’t enough. Most of our users need to get […]

6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Do Support

(At Least Once in 3 Months)   In Teamweek, we’re enjoying the freedom and opportunities what a team of 10 […]

5 Things to Know About Leading a Creative Team

How to Make Teamwork Work I’ve been lucky to have countless experience in cross-functional teams, very different in group dynamics, […]

We’ve Moved to Medium

Our Web Page Got a Facelift!

Today, after a long wait, we’re announcing our brand new web page. We’ve been working on it side by side […]

Getting Over Insecurities Regarding Remote Work

Although it might seem daunting at first, going remote may be one of the best decisions any employee or company […]

Campaign: And the iPad Goes to…

Thank you all for sharing those amazing pictures with us on Twitter and Instagram. We fell totally in love with so […]