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We’re So Sorry for Our Poorly Planned Downtime

As many of you noticed, Teamweek was down from 2 pm EST to about 6:45 pm EST yesterday (Monday, October 22). We’re so sorry for the inconvenience and our lack of communication.

Originally, we had scheduled this planned maintenance for last Saturday, but unfortunately we had to do it yesterday. We thought we had a great plan to start the maintenance after work hours, but we were so focused on work hours in Europe that we forgot about how inconvenient the timing would be for our American customers.

To make matters worse, the down time lasted a lot longer than we expected. Plus, even though we knew Teamweek was going to be down, we didn’t communicate it well with you. We’re truly sorry.

On the bright side, here are some of the updates we were able to make:

  • We revamped the invitation process, making it easier for you to invite people to your Teamweek workspace and keep track of whom you’ve invited and who’s joined via your invitation.
  • We added email verification for new sign-ups, improving our email deliverability, which ensures you never miss an important update or announcement.
  • We updated our database, making Teamweek faster and less prone to bugs in the future.

We know how important it is for you to be able to access Teamweek during the work day, and we will be more mindful of your needs in the future. We also plan to communicate via email in the future, so if there is planned downtime, you’ll know well in advance.

Emily McGee

Emily McGee

Emily McGee is the blog manager at Teamweek, where she coordinates a team of writers and designers to bring you new management content five days a week.

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