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How to Prepare for the Teamweek Annual Plan Sale

Teamweek’s Annual Plan Sale begins next week, and you don’t want to miss this chance to save money on your Teamweek subscription. During the sale, your team will save 20% when you sign up for an annual plan. Depending on the size of your team, you could save hundreds of dollars.

Here’s how you and your team can prepare for the sale:

Try Teamweek for Free

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and give Teamweek a try. Check out our visual timeline. Test out some of the premium features, like Project view and custom colors. This way, when the annual sale begins, you’ll know if we’re the right fit.

Teamweek project view
Using Teamweek’s Project View, you can now divide your projects into different segments. Organizing a project this way helps cross-functional teams get a bird’s eye view of what everyone assigned to the project is working on.


Get Your Team On Board

During your free trial, add your teammates to your workspace so they can try Teamweek, too. We know getting buy-in from the rest of the team can be one of the biggest challenges of using a new a tool. Luckily, our simple onboarding process will help your team members learn about Teamweek and get comfortable with the software right away.

Many teams tell us that they love how easy Teamweek is to use and how it truly simplifies their planning. Managers and team leads love how easily they can see the big picture and assign projects more efficiently.

Teamweek timeline monthly view
Use the zoom feature to see a week, month, or 3 months at a glance.

Get Ready for September 3

The sale begins September 3, and you’ll only have two weeks to sign up and save 20% on an annual plan. This sale happens just once a year, and it’s the lowest price you’ll ever see for a Teamweek subscription.

We’d hate for you to miss your chance to save money on Teamweek. If your team knows that Teamweek is the right tool for you, then be sure to talk to your finance or accounting department so you’re ready to take the leap when the sale begins.

Have questions about Teamweek or the sale? Send us an email at support@ We’d love to hear from you!

Emily McGee

Emily McGee

Emily McGee is the blog manager at Teamweek, where she coordinates a team of writers and designers to bring you new management content five days a week.

It’s so much easier to plan & estimate with a small team when I can see everyone & all projects at once.

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