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New Feature: Weekly Digest 2.0

Weekly Digest is an email that reports your progress on a weekly basis. We send it every week, believing it provides much-needed feedback to your planning flow.

Teamweek is usually seen as a planning tool. But we also think about what happens after planning. If you’ve laid out a project, worked for a while, marked tasks done and rearranged your plans to better fit your reality – how do you know you’re doing well?

This is where Weekly Digest comes in. The first version concentrated mostly on users’ progress, but we have rethought the option and believe we can offer far more valuable insight.

So, here’s the new Weekly Digest, fresh out of the oven.

Tasks Planned vs Done

This bird’s eye view of your overall progress in meeting your plans compares all your team’s finished tasks with the ones that haven’t been marked done. 

This should be a good insight in how well you are estimating your time. This is something you can get better at, and here is a good place to start.

As Teamweek is also a communication tool, it’s good to keep it up to date, so it would provide the best visual overview. Therefore, this feature is also an important testament of how carefully your team mates have been reporting their progress. 

Project Based Feedback

Project based feedback makes sure you know exactly how far along you have come with the ongoing projects, how many tasks have been marked done and how many of those are still waiting for execution. 

This should give you an overview of your workload, as well as an indication how well you’ve planned your time overall. To get better at creating a project timeline, read this.  

Milestone Overview

This part of the feature helps you keep an eye on the deadlines. Know what’s been met last week and what’s coming up during the present one.

How to Set Up Weekly Digest

To receive Weekly Digest, toggle the switch on Settings page. Please note that only admin users can receive the weekly email.



Laura Noodapera

Laura Noodapera

Laura Noodapera is the user onboarding manager at Teamweek, where she helps teams get organized and manage their projects more effectively with the power of the Teamweek software.

It’s so much easier to plan & estimate with a small team when I can see everyone & all projects at once.

–– Darren | We Three

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