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Project Planning iPhone Apps

Having your projects planned and outlined on your desktops is just fine. But if you’re anything like us (or most of the people for that matter) chances are you aren’t that shy about punching out your smartphone in the office every now and then. Whether it’s about reading e-mails or striking up that conversation on messenger, it’s nice to have your needs fulfilled on the go.

Imagine having your project management software on the go with you as well. Sounds great right?

Turns out it’s a must and there are a lot of solutions out there. The iPhone is one of the most popular mobile devices today, and if you are an iPhone user in need of a project planning app you’ll be wanting to check out this list.


Asana’s app is favored by many productivity enthusiasts, and rightly so it’s one of the most popular productivity apps out there. And while the app is a smaller brother to its desktop version, it lacks several functionalities. Guess you can’t beat desktop experience just yet. Nevertheless, if you’re familiar with the desktop software, iPhone app will be a charm to handle and get familiar with.

This app gives you instant and fast access to your account. It uses push notifications to keep you posted and on top of everything you need to handle. It’s important to have internet connection, though. Asana is all about 24/7 collaboration and relies on up-to-date changes in the app from all your collaborators. Inside the app, you can create new tasks, projects and milestones and drag and drop function works perfectly. All in all, it’s a wonderful app of choice you won’t regret having on your portable friend.

Asana is free for teams of up to 15 people, which is something not a lot of services can brag about. However, premium users have the benefit of inviting as many people as they wish, regardless of being inside collaborators or outsiders wishing to take a peek.


If your business and projects rely mostly on messaging and communication here’s a wonderful app you may consider for your ‘on-the-go’ correspondence. It’s trusted by thousands of business around the world to make sense of their to-do’s, organizing their work and communication.

Inside this great app, you’ll find 6 essential tools to get you around. These are (and in no relevancy order):

  1. To do’s
  2. Campfire chat rooms for fun times and casual chats
  3. a message board for all the important announcements
  4. Schedule for organizing tasks and milestones,
  5. automatic push notifications to keep you posted and updated
  6. docs & files section for all the important shareables that need to be there on demand.

Basecamp keeps your communication and messages orderly and on the record. You can even create an inside app reports if you wish to check out how the things are going all-round and get that big picture. It’s practically an all in one tool for your mobile project planning needs.

Basecamp has a free trial of 30 days, after which it will cost you $99/month.


Since 2016, Wrike has invested a lot of effort into making its iOS app as close as it could get to the desktop version. It has become one of the most powerful collaboration tools on the market with project planning nicely incorporated. Its centralized hub offers easy creation and task assigning, task discussions and file sharing. Although there are apps that are far better with esthetic appearance and with more features, your decision to use Wrike will depend on urgency. Because of its easy and fast setup, Wrike is an ideal tool for teams that look to kickstart their projects fast.

As we already said, Wrike is a bit on the odd side from the other apps. It doesn’t only offer project management. It also steps into the zone of work management and lets you create folders for ongoing work, rather than a work that has a fixed deadline (which most PM tools offer). Another key aspect of Wrike is that your information is very well valued and kept in secret from lurkers. On the minus side, however, your teammates cannot make work estimations useful for future project planning. But keeping in the confines of the today’s topic, it makes for a perfect solution.

Wrike is free for teams of up to five users and offers several paid plans, which are mostly determined by the size of your business and niche. All potential of your iPhone app experience will most likely also be influenced by the payment tier you opted for.


This web-based solution for project management, team scheduling, and planning is perfect for teams on the go. The color-coded timeline is an awesome way to visualize your projects in fun and vibrant manner, based on milestones, functions or whichever way you prefer. You can sort your team members into groups and create a separate timeline for each group/function you created – ideal for projects with lots of different focus areas. Teamweek’s app is ideal for anyone and everyone since you can juggle between your personal projects as well as your professional ones.

If you wish a new feel to your mobile PM experience, this app is also a wonderful solution for your resource planning, even when the projects are well underway, as it will notify you if your resources are overused, all based on user-generated task duration estimates and a standard 8-hour workday. This app has a wonderful access rights solution where you can set who can edit tasks and who can work in a view-only mode. Just like Wrike, this tool offers a Gantt chart view of your timeline.

Another wonderful feature is that users have a view of all major public holidays around the world – ideal for marketing agencies or software development crews that communicate with clients around the globe!

We even did a number of integrations for your planning pleasure – you can import projects, tasks, and users from different platforms such as Trello or Basecamp.

Josip Mlinaric

Josip Mlinaric

Josip is an aspiring content marketer and an outreach specialist at PointVisible and freelance writer at Teamweek. Other than marketing, he likes to grab a good book and read about different leadership ideas and styles.

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