How Skill-Based Remote Hiring Helps Us Reach Thousands Of Candidates
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How Skill-Based Remote Hiring Helps Us Reach Thousands Of Candidates

Unlike a typical startup, Teamweek is an entirely remote company. Our team is spread out all over the globe. This makes for an exciting mix of talent and diversity.

At first, Teamweek was only based in Tallinn, Estonia but as our company started to grow, we faced a common problem – where to find the best talent in a reasonably fast amount of time. To tackle this problem, we replaced time-consuming resumes with quick skills tests customized for each position.

Why CV-based hiring doesn’t work for us

Starting the hiring process with short skills testing has helped us get hundreds or up to thousands of candidates all over the globe for a single position. Going through all of them using traditional CVs would take forever and often be misleading. We feel at Teamweek that CVs do not always convey the actual abilities of candidates. Often people are good at promoting themselves but can’t deliver while others are more humble and don’t look as impressive on paper.

This is where skill-based hiring comes to the rescue.

We create a ~15-minute online test using Hundred5 to automatically pre-screen all candidates and pick out the top performers.

Using a test doesn’t mean that the process is robotic or soulless. When hiring developers, for example, we use two types of questions:
Automatically scored questions to eliminate the first batch of unsuitable applicants.
Manually scored questions, such as free-form coding snippets to see coding abilities

Having found the most promising individuals, we organize a 1-hour live coding session with each to pick their brains and see if they are a good fit for our remote company culture at Teamweek.

With the best candidates, we then move on to a paid test week period. A week is a good amount of time to see if both parties are a good fit for each other.

This wraps up the hiring process in Teamweek, after a successful test week the candidate is hired! We just fit a few months long process into a couple of weeks.

Using a skill-based hiring system is a great way to find the most diverse and capable talent pool with little effort.


It’s also a more efficient and fun way to go through candidates for the employers than the traditional route.

If you want to go through this fun and simple skill-based hiring process yourself, we are currently hiring a Ruby/Elixir developer. The best candidates get a T-shirt! 👕


Serge Herkül

Serge Herkül

@_sergeh has spent several years as a Java developer, doing large infrastructure applications. Tired of everything associated with big enterprise, he joined Toggl.

It’s so much easier to plan & estimate with a small team when I can see everyone & all projects at once.

–– Darren | We Three

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