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Happy New Year everybody! We’re kicking off this year with a fresh new version of Teamweek. It is a complete re-design and re-write, for which we have spent a better part of the last year.

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Beautifully simple project planning.
Teamweek Banner Image
Beautifully simple project planning.
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There were several motivations behind this decision:

  • Not usable on tablets. The existing version of Teamweek did not support tablets. It was not an easy fix, and required a complete rethink.
  • Too many views. Many views were not easily accessible from the Timeline, and required a lot of navigation between different pages (settings, projects, tasks, etc.)
  • Moving around the calendar was clumsy. it took time to reload and there was not a smooth way to go back and forth.

We wanted to make the Timeline more central, so that you wouldn’t need to leave this view to manage your team or projects.

Introducing New Version

So we went back to the drawing boards in early 2013 and started designing the new Teamweek. We will officially launch the new version next week, but you can actually start using it already if you log in from

The main changes and improvements in the new version are:

  • Smooth Timeline scrolling – move elegantly around your calendar
  • Revamped backlog – easy access to projects and tasks that are not on the Timeline
  • Fully usable on tablets – native iPad app will be launched in January, for now you can try it out in your browser
  • Manage team and user groups on the Timeline
  • Improved milestones, added public holidays
  • Cleaner layout, easier navigation

Please note that some features are still missing – Timeline filters, Timeline sharing/public link, integrations. These are going to be added as soon as possible. There are also some new things we’re going to add – weekly view, agenda view, Android app and e-mail alerts.

Go on and try the new version out –

It uses the same dataset as the older version, so you can already use it for planning as you did the previous version.

Your feedback is most welcome, either just comment on this blogpost or send us an e-mail – support@


Alari Aho

Alari is the Father of Toggl and Teamweek. In fact, he used to ask us to address him as such. To his dismay nobody ever did. He's a good guy, though. For an engineer.
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Beautifully simple project planning.
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