Social Media Fails: 5 Ways to Ruin Your Company's Reputation Online

Social Media Mishaps: 5 Ways to Ruin Your Company’s Reputation Online


Social media is being used today to help grow brands and businesses in all industries from everywhere around the globe. Knowing how to effectively market and advertise with the use of social media is a way to cut costs while also expanding your audience. However, knowing some of the top social media mishaps can help you avoid a potential PR disaster that can trigger the loss of customers and loyal fans. Some of the most popular social media networks that can be effectively used by companies include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vine and Instagram. By avoiding these mishaps, you will be able to ensure that your social media work remains successful and effective.

1. Get Political

One of the biggest mishaps involving social media and brands is when companies choose to get political on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. When in doubt, always avoid implementing any political opinions into your social media pages, as this can spark a debate that can result in losing potential customers and fans. The more self-aware you are of your online followers, the easier it is to make the right decision when it comes to posting on any of your social media pages.

2. Use National Events to Boost Sales

When national disasters or tragedies occur, it is wise to avoid using the event to gain traction for a new marketing campaign or a product or service you are trying to promote. Many companies have used hurricanes, wars and political news to share their own ulterior motives of generating sales, ultimately resulting in bad press and the loss of virtual followers. The best example of this mishap occurred with Hurricane Sandy. Several different companies posted sympathetic messages on Twitter and Facebook, but they attached brief advertisements in these same statements. These simple messages generated a massive amount of protest from consumers.


3. Unprofessional Responses

As a business or brand, it is vital to avoid giving direct or unprofessional responses to individuals who may have been mean, condescending or downright rude. Although you may be frustrated if an individual is bad-mouthing your brand, giving a response only causes you to appear less professional and more amateur as a business. An unprofessional response usually will only help to fan the fire, creating even more complaints and problems.

4. Asking Inappropriate Questions

Do not ask inappropriate questions with your social media accounts that represent your brand or business. Avoid bringing real-life news into your social media accounts, unless it is relevant and you are not trying to get others to view your website or to make a purchase from your company. When it comes to engaging with your customers, it is usually best to think about what you are posting, and the possible repercussions of your message.

5. Avoid Working With Professionals

When companies without experience in marketing choose to use social media without any assistance or professional guidance, they are more likely to experience mishaps. Working together with professionals or using services such as GroSocial is ideal for all business owners who are looking to make a splash with their own online presence. These professional services will not only keep you from making devastating mistakes, but they can also help you to do the right things with your social media accounts.

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