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Hey Chicago & Denver, Let’s Meet Up!


As some of you might have noticed, we travel every year to meet our customers in different places all around the world. Why, you might ask?

People use Teamweek in many different ways and for many different things. Meeting you in person helps us better understand what are the problems it solves — and how could we make Teamweek better for you.

Therefore, we’d also like to know your suggestions on what to improve and what are the features you’re dreaming of. Sometimes you just have the best ideas and we are always trying to keep on our toes to build the product you’d love to use 🙂

Triin will be visiting Chicago, IL next week 16.10 – 21.10 and Denver, CO between 22.10 – 23.10. Get in touch at triin@teamweek.com and have some coffee with her. She would love to hear all about your Teamweek experience.  See you soon!

Our Web Page Got a Facelift!


Today, after a long wait, we’re announcing our brand new web page.

We’ve been working on it side by side with our design agency Fraktal for a few months. And honestly, we couldn’t be more proud of the outcome and would love to offer our most sincere thanks to Martin Voltri (CVI), Tajo Oja (Web Design), Paavel Liik (Mobile Web), Kaspar Kannelmäe (Illustrations), Stepan Bolotnikov (Coding), Tanel Lips (Project Management), and Liisa and Henno Luts from Mellow (animation).


As you might notice the copy turned out to be a homage to the unsung heroes of any team – the Project Managers. The new website focuses more on the people putting most effort into using Teamweek by endless planning and support. Because, you see, we understand how they feel and how stressful the job sometimes is.

So we would like for everyone of you to share some love to your project managers. Or you could let us do it by scrolling down the main page and inserting their username in Twitter.

Getting Over Insecurities Regarding Remote Work

teamweek remote work blog team planning

Although it might seem daunting at first, going remote may be one of the best decisions any employee or company can make. If there’s no reason why you should be working at an exact location (like doctors do), you can easily do it anywhere else.

The understanding of what a workplace really means is changing. We’ve written about it before and we’re here again to debunk some myths and ease some worries you may have.

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Campaign: And the iPad Goes to…

blog pilt.001

Thank you all for sharing those amazing pictures with us on Twitter and Instagram. We fell totally in love with so many of them, but unfortunately there can only be one winner.

So, without further ado – the winner is (drumroll!) Scott Walker and the gummy bear army! Congratulations! We’ll be in contact with you soon.

We also have decided to give our brand new (so new that they haven’t even been printed yet) t-shirts to Christian, JC Mae, and Allan as a thank you. We’ll write you soon.

Surprising Ways to Be a Better Project Manager

Teamweek project manager

Chapter 2: Eating

If you’re anything like me, a great meal can either make your day or burst your bubble completely. In addition to our mood, diet also influences both our mental and physical health, so you should pay attention to your eating habits.

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Twitter Campaign Entries: the Best So Far

We rolled out our Twitter campaign last week and you have sent us some amazing pictures. So, it would be a shame not to showcase some of these here on our blog.

If you think you can do better – please join the fun! We’ll announce the winner on September 28th.

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